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The struggle to get online in a most affordable, and easiest way possible is forcing ever growing number of Webmasters into shady deals that more often than not, make them regret that decision.

I am not saying that all of the internet hosting companies are bad, quite the contrary. But inexperience and rushing things with companies that have no (or just bad) reputation is usually a recipe for disaster. So here I am, to tell you what actually that sneaky ’’Managed web hosting’’ is, is it necessary for you and your website, and my own observations and recommendations. The CMS (Content Management System) of choice in the past few years has been WordPress. It has gradually won it`s territory from much more beginner Unfriendly HTML pages.


What is Managed WordPress Web Hosting

This is, simply put, hands free approach to your standard webhosting. You are paying some company to take care of all those technical aspects of your website, that you either don’t care about or you just don’t have time to tackle that issue. You don’t have to know anything about WordPress hosting, you don’t even have to know how your plugins work to have a nice looking and optimized website based on WordPress CMS, All you need is your content, and some media files, and you’re good to go. Sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes it’s not. Before I get into examples, pros and cons of Managed Hosting solutions, let me mention a few things about it:

–          It is not necessarily better

–          It is not necessarily faster

–          Updates are not that hard to do, unless you don’t have time to do them


Now that we got that out of our way, let’s take a look at the main reasons why you would want to buy Managed solution:

1.       Faster and more optimized website, both client and server side. This is one of the main reasons people choose to go into Managed hosting. Put simply, for me, it’s the only real reason that you should have when buying this. All Managed WordPress hosting solutions have servers optimized to run WordPress, and unless you are going to buy VPS, the speed gain can’t be reproduced on shared hosting package.

2.       Security. This is one of those things that resemble car insurance. Let’s hope you will never need it. But let’s face it, it is going to get broken, and when it does we are going to fix it for you free of charge. These packages tend to offer much more frequent backups and if your website gets hacked, you can restore it for free. Shit happens, so this is really a solid point. Not everyone has the time to do daily backups and check their website for malicious code and what not.

3.       Sadly there is no number 3. I just wanted to make a list with more than 2 entries.

Everything else they offer is usually same as shared hosting packages.


Now, the reasons why not to buy a Managed WordPress Hosting package:

1.       Price. Traditionally these hosting packages are more expensive.

2.       Limitations. Everything is limited, unless Donald Trump is your uncle, in which case you can buy the unlimited versions that cost more than Australia per month. No, seriously, everything is limited. Number of visitors (sessions) is one of the main reasons people fall into the abyss of desperation and cancel their hosting plans. You see, session is every connection to your website, be it a Google crawler or potential reader or customer, it does not matter to the Hosting provider. Session is made every time your website is requested by someone. So take care to read all the fine print that exists in your Terms of Service.

3.       Lack of control. You can’t install every script or plugin that you want. Some of them have security issues, or are prohibited to (or by) that particular Hosting provider. Sometimes this can be a good thing. Unless you are me, I would probably crash the bloody server if they told me I can’t do something with a thing that I paid for. But that’s just me.


Difference between Cheap and Reliable Managed WordPress Hosting

Long time ago, on the Internet far far away, there was a difference between reliable and cheap. This is unfortunately no longer the case. Everything is mixed up now. You have reputable companies practically giving away their services, while some of the shadiest are promoting their exorbitantly priced packages as the ultimate solutions to your problems. You would need a WD-40, a goat, and somebody to do that Johnny Depp hands thing he does in Pirates of the Caribbean, just to start making sense of it all. Just remember that rule “’You get what you pay for’’ doesn’t apply here.


Which Managed WordPress Hosting to Buy?

Guess what? I did reviews of some of the companies I used, and never told them that I will be telling people about it.

Sneaky, aren’t I?

Here they are, the three I have tested:

So, what are you waiting for? Jump in and see if one of them is right for you. Happy hunting!

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