Does GoDaddy Allow Adult Content?

One of the biggest sharks in the industry, GoDaddy, is giving a headache to the webmasters around the world. Not because of the commercials that are bordering on pornographic, but with the ability to keep you on your toes even if you are a veteran of stormy oceans of Internet.

It has been quite a ride for my little blog here on Reviewoid. You learn stuff, meet new people, and make presumptions that make you blush every time you look at the mirror. One of those presumptions was quite recently proved out to be wrong.

GoDaddy Domains and Pornographic Content

It’s all fun and games, until you get yourself cornered. You Start asking questions, search the web, and freak out when no one knows a definite answer. Well no worries, I managed to get in touch with their support, and got answers, so that you don’t need to wait any second longer.


Does GoDaddy allow using domains for porn?

And the answer is Yes, GoDaddy allows using domains registered with them for adult (porn, sex) purposes. Note, that content has to be legal in US.


Does GoDaddy Allow Hosting of Adult Content?

Here comes that presumption I made. You see, if you read their Terms of Service (ToS), you will not come across any reference to Adult, Sexy or Pornographic content policy. It just isn’t there.

What you will come across is their disclaimer and statement that they have the right to terminate your account if they find you using their services in some inappropriate way. But that definition of inappropriate is obscured in a veil of mystery that remains known only to GoDaddy employees.

So, by using some of the most advanced persuasion techniques ( for example: asking ), I managed to get an answer, from their support.


Does GoDaddy Allow Hosting of Adult, Sexy, and Porn Content?

Here is what I got as an answer:

Does GoDaddy Allow Hosting of Adult, Sexy, and Porn Content?

It does, YAY! I even got a nice little link with GoDaddy ToS , that I’ve seen at least a dozen times. Cute.

So there it is folks, one short and straight answer. The dilemma is finally over. When you think about it, this makes sense. Considering their commercials and marketing campaigns.

Which brings me to my next dilemma: Is it a good idea to host your Adult Content Website on GoDaddy?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. It does sound pretty cheap though. And for this kind of money, you cant find anything to even closely resemble it.

12 $ per year + Free Domain sounds very tempting, and you can check that offer below.

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