How to Point GoDaddy Domain to NameCheap Hosting

Welcome to one of my quick tutorials. This one is going to guide you through the process of pointing your GoDaddy domain to a Hosting, in this case we will use NameCheap as our provider.

In the past few months, I had to explain this many times to my friends and colleagues, since I was generally advocating the use of NameCheap hosting for some of their websites. It isn’t a rocket science, it is easy. But for someone who is tackling this for the first time it can seem scary at first. After this tutorial you’ll be laughing at these rookie questions. But hey, we all have to start somewhere.

For purpose of this tutorial, I will assume you bought your domain (on GoDaddy) and a hosting package (on NameCheap).


Find Your NameCheap Name Servers

Usually, you will be given NameServers during checkout with your hosting company, But NameCheap has a nifty habit of being a little different, so they sent you your NameServers in that email you got when you bought your hosting.
That email should look like this:


As you can see NameCheap NameServers are:



How To Point GoDaddy Domain To NameCheap Hosting

Copy your NameServers from email, then head over to your GoDaddy account, and log in.
1  Next to Domains, click Manage.

2  On the screen that appears before you, click on a domain you want to manage.

3  Then under your Nameservers click Manage.

4  After that, on the pop up window select Custom, and add your Name Servers.

5  Save everything, and you are done.

How to Point GoDaddy Domain to NameCheap Hosting


See? Nothing scary or complicated.
This process can be followed for any registrar and hosting provider. The only difference is that some buttons are called differently and that’s it.

PLEASE note that it can take 24 – 48 hours for your changes on GoDaddy to propagate and be visible to everybody.

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