Top 5 Shared Hostings for Adult, Sex or Porn Content Websites


One simple fact remains, after all those Penguin and Panda updates that Google is throwing at us, sex sells. There are many places on the internet that are offering Adult Hosting services. Many of them are really good and stable companies, the rest of them are just there to take your money and watch you struggle with your problems without giving a rats ass about you.

I’m wondering for quite some time, what is the real problem behind this strange phenomenon. Most of the good and solid web hosting providers aren’t allowing their servers to take part in Adult Hosting, but why?

So, I started my journey into the dark depths of the Internet. And what I discovered was …dramatic pause… boring. No, seriously. According to my research they aren’t allowing Adult content because they don’t want:

  • Legal trouble
  • More frequent DDoS attacks
  • But most of all, they don’t want to let a regular user share IP address with the one that is hosting a Porn site.


Strange, huh?

Shall we start with the obvious first. Legal issues aren’t their job to worry about. Every user is responsible for the content he shares, and that is stated in every singe TOS I ever read about it. So, we will discard that as an excuse.

Second one is also absurd. There is no data to confirm that DDoS attacks are more frequent on Porn sites. If you can protect your users from DDoS, then what does it matter what type of content is on their website? Besides, DDoS protection is a must have these days, because every single kid that learned the word “hacking” is trying to prove himself to his friends, not to mention the fact that you can get DDoS scripts and tools almost everywhere and for free.

And finally the third. This one pissed me off quite a bit. Dedicated IP is 20-40$ per year. So why aren’t you letting the user define the purpose of his Website and then promptly put him on an IP that is appropriate. Are they trying to save 40$ per year? Makes no sense at all.

It’s true that sites for Adults sometimes use spam emails, as their means for promotion and traffic generation, but basing your judgment on the sole fact that it’s an Adult website is quite frankly hypocritical. Besides, I have a spam folder just for those people who are telling me that half of this planet died and left their fortunes to me, and those usually have no connection with Adult websites.

But don’t worry, all is not lost.

Is there any good Shared Web Hosting for Adult website?

Short answer. Yes.

Now the long one. Adult websites are a bit different than their normal and more casual brothers and sisters. They have a lot more traffic by default. Hence, you need a powerful server to host them, and a good bandwidth to go with that hosting. Nothing scary, right? Well how then do you choose a hosting? Lucky for you, I did the grunt work. I made a list and tested them all, some of them are for keeps, others not so much.

So here are my favorites:

Company Review Price Disc Space Bandwith
GoDaddy Read Review 1$ Unlimited Unlimited
Arvixe Read Review 2.85$ Unlimited Unlimited
Read Review 8.95$ Unlimited Unlimited
hostgator Read Review 3.22$ Unlimited Unlimited
247-host Read Review 2$ Unlimited Unlimited

  • prices per month


This one is first on my list for many reasons. Besides those that are obvious, like for example, better server response times, speed and UI friendliness. I found them to be a bunch of good guys and girls, who actually don’t mind sharing a good joke from time to time.

The main reason I am suggesting that you go with GoDaddy on this one is actually their price model for your first year with them.

12$ For hosting + Free Domain Name, sounds good in my book. It is not perfect, for that money you don’t get premium servers. You are not getting some of the more advanced and expensive features but you can always buy those separately.

You can check it out here

$1*/ mo hosting! Get going with GoDaddy!



Few words about the others

There is so much to say about each of them, and I will be making a full scale reviews, all in due time, but that is not the subject of this post. Compared to each other, they offer relatively close features on their hosting packages, features like cPanel, Softaculous, Cron Jobs and WordPress are included by default. Bandwidth and disk space are given in unlimited quantities so that’s one less thing to worry about. E-mail accounts are plenty, but none of them will tolerate spamming, so that one is on you if you get caught.



There are many more, but these are my choices. They are good and reputable companies with solid support with cheap service for shared hosting oriented towards Adult content. They also offer easy and fast upgrades, so if you ever start attracting tons of traffic, you can easily upgrade to VPS or a dedicated server.

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