About Me

So here we are, I finally got the time to dedicate myself to this enormous task of providing honest and unbiased reviews of web hosting companies. Personally, I’m getting very annoyed as many of my webmaster colleagues are not being honest and are using their power and influence, over web-surfers who are not informed enough to make an educated decision about which hosting company to choose, to persuade them into joining wrong companies.

So this is going to be a blog about my personal observations and thoughts, and I will be writing only about those companies that I’ve tested personally.

My name is Alex, and I welcome you to my domain.
Have an awesome day!

If you have any questions, suggestions or would just like to say hi you can reach me by email on



Oh yes, by using this website you acknowledge and accept the use of cookies, milk, affiliate offers, bribe, big fancy flashing pictures and/or anything else I may or may not use here.

If you opt in, on my Newsletter ( when I make one 😀 ), I will never bore you to death, sell, or give your personal information to anyone anywhere. And you promise to drink a beer with me if I ever come to your town. 😀

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